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Headteacher's Awards 

Monday 10th february 2020


The following children have been recognised with GOLD HEADTEACHER BADGES this week, for demonstrating the virtue of Hope ....


All of Red and Blue room for their super attitude and behaviour on the Balance Bikes. Well Done!

Sara Qureshi … for always being enthusiastic and trying to improve in all she does.

Sisira Kilari … for helping others and joining in during lessons.

Smrithi Girish … for always being a kind and helpful member of the class.

Shaun Saryu … for great attitude to learning and producing an excellent learning log.

Charlie Backhouse … for helping others all the time and never becoming upset when somethings look difficult.

Demi Byne-Mconnel … for always being polite, kind and fair.

Haaris Iliaz for excelling in everything he does and showing a good natured temperance.

Amelia Markiewicz … for a superb review and always showing kindness.

Muqadas Fiaz … for always being caring and making those around her smile.

Alfie Eades … for always taking the time to check his friends are ok and cheer them up with a comment or a joke!

Well done everyone!