Welcome to our School Council Page

Elections for school council members for 2018-2019 TOOK PLACE RECENTLY and our new members are:

Class 1/2D 

Oscar Farrell 

  Jianna Bino

Class 1/2 HB  

Isla Hope Dunnett

Class 3/4 BF 

Alea Alfraz 

Yummi Lin

Class 3/4 R  

Gabriel Brant-Woods  Nico Kaczynszi







Class 4 V  

Zachary Thompson-Ben

Haaris Lalaz

Class 5G 

Leo Jackson

Kem Oshiojum

Alfie Cox

Class 5 P 

Sonny Keast

Class 6 C 

Rueben Brant-Woods

Tamara Chadzingun









Class 6 L 

Susanna Dolata

What do The School Council do?

The school council is a body of pupils that make decisions about the school. We discuss things that would make the school a fun place. For example:

More nice things for the playground, activities that everyone will have fun doing, decorating the school and lots more.

We get a set budget.

To be a member of the school council, you get voted in by your class and your term of office is one year.