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We are proud to work with all the Catholic schools across our two local authority areas, particularly as the Trust grows and benefits from the expertise and knowledge that other schools joining in the future will bring.

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 Glimpses of God at St. Mary's

 At St Mary's we know God is always around us in all that we say and all that we do. Sometimes we just need to remember to look out for him.

Luckily our children spot him all around us, and here are our glimpses of him.


 During forest school, a child in Year 5 shared:

A life cycle is like God's love going round and round and round. 
When one of our Year 6 pupils was talking about the Gift of the Church she said:
'It makes me feel special and blessed because God is letting you into his home and always has his doors open.  So you can confess your sins to feel more connected with God.

After completing a unit of work in Religious Education about God's Gifts, students in Y5 said,

We can be stewards of the world by taking care of it and recycling things we use so they don't end up in our oceans killing sea creatures. 



A Y5 pupil said during Black History Month:

God loves us all equally so we should treat everyone equally too. 



A pupil in EYFS made hearts out of playdough:

Why did you make hearts in playdough?


For God, because he is my friend.


A Y3 pupil:

When I'm scared, I remember that God is with me.


 A Year 6 child when talking about Mass:

Mass is so important because it feeds our spiritual hunger.

When completing work about the source and summit of Catholic life, a child in Year 6 wrote:

Mass is the summit of Catholic life because this is the time when we connect with God and we are present in the Last Supper. Without Mass, we would not be connected to God and our faith would crumble.

 Whilst exploring God's creation in forest school, a child from year 2 shared:

God has made muddy puddles to jump in and we should celebrate it. 



After an RE lesson, a Y6 child was reflecting on what they had learnt. 

I think Annalena Tonneli said "I am nobody" because Jesus and Mary taught her to be humble when doing good. It's just the same, like we know not to show off if we do good. We can learn from her example.



A Y4 pupil said in a classroom discussion:

Jesus is the light of the world and he loves us.

A child said after dropping off food at the food bank that we had collected during the Harvest Festival:

This will make so many families feel happy, I'm glad we can act like Jesus and help people.




 A Y4 pupil wrote at home:

Dear God,

I place full hope in you.

May you never stop loving me.

Don't let my hope fade away.

The Lord is always kind and good to people.

Fill my heart and be joyful.

May I get my desired blessings.




A year two pupil brought an extra pair of gloves to lend to her friend during forest school. When asked about this, she explained:

My friend needed them more than I did.

 A Year 6 child when discussing the importance of the Eucharist:

The Eucharist is the closest we get to Jesus in our human form, that is why it is so special. 

A Year 1 pupil during Advent:

My Mummy normally has angels on the Christmas tree but she has bought a new shiny star for the top and that reminds me that Jesus is born at Christmas.

 A child in EYFS said:

We light the candle so that we know that Jesus is here.



On a trip to the aquarium a pupil asked:

So did God design all these fishes? Like how did he remember to make them all different? I suppose it's a bit like us actually, he made us different.




Year 3 and 4 pupils have been discussing their new religious education unit ' Trust in God', here are some of their thoughts:

God challenges us so that our trust in him can become stronger.

God sets us challenges so that he can learn to grow in trust with us as well.

I think we should trust God because he made the beautiful world and he made us to live on it.



A child in EYFS drew a picture of baby Jesus and said:

This will remind us of the good news.


When talking about school, a Year 5 child said:

I feel safe here because I know God is with me.


When completing work in a religious education lesson, a Year 6 child wrote:

Faith can be like a mountain because it is strong and never crumbles. Similar to a mountain, faith is a climb and every step we take we are becoming closer to the summit or reward which is Heaven